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Stolit is a reggae/rock band from the east side of Cincinnati. The band consists of musicians Andy Tomlin, Hank Stewart), Donnie Ratliff), Bryan Davis, and Justin Roseman. Coming from somewhat diverse musical backgrounds, Stolit blends a mix of reggae and rock that form a feel good and dance hall vibe that will always get the party started and keep it going late into the night.

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Stolit 2013-09-24 08:31:00
Welcome to stolitmusic.com! We hope you enjoy the site & we are very excited about being able to interact with fans. We will be adding more dynamic features like this forum. feel free to post any ideas. Thanks, Stolit
Stolit 2013-10-18 08:23:51
See everyone @ the show tonight!
2014-01-11 10:05:27
How can I get a copy of your music? Do you have a cd we can buy at the show or are you on itunes?
Bethany 2014-01-11 10:15:33
We use to come to every Rong tan's show to see Chad and yall rock out! Glad to here your back! We will be at your shows. Can't wait to see you Chad, love ya;)
Stolit 2014-02-04 05:41:23
Show at Backstage Cafe on Feb. 22
Garey faulkner 2014-04-08 02:27:11
I work at Bullseye bar and firegrill downtown we are excited to have you May 2nd that friday!!! You guys are a solid band that i have followed for awhile. I cant wait!!
2014-07-06 11:28:41
So whats up stolit? it says "Hit us up on forum with comments, ideas and suggestions" I wanted to know back in january when and how we can get a copy of your music? but got no responce. Your music is great and needs to be in the hands of the people thats been asking for it since your first and only album back in 2004. Your bio states that "your hard work, dedication, never being satisfied and always hungry to bring the music to the people". So we the people want stolit music! Please and Thank y
Disappointed fan 2014-07-16 11:20:52
Is stolit still playing anymore or what??? Seemes like you created this site and never touched it again. The last gig you have listed was back in may. It's summer time and you have no shows?!? If so your not telling your fans about them on this web site or in time so we can make plans to come. Whats the point of having this site where you ask people to hit us up on forum with ideas and questions then dont interact with them at all when you say you will. Your bio says your a hard working and dedi